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What is Mary Brown’s?

Mary Brown’s Chicken & Tater’s or simply known as Mary Brown’s is a Canadian fast-food chain. The restaurant franchise has been a long-standing favorite among the foodies and has now established around 160 branches across the province. Mary Brown’s offers delicious meal choices at a very affordable price and a casual dining ambiance.   

Food menu and Prices

Mary Brown’s offers an attractive deal within a very affordable price range. Their mouthwatering ‘Signature Chicken’ is one of the main reasons people keep going back to Mary Brown’s. It often comes with a ‘combo’ deal of Drinks and side items which are enough to fill your stomach and leave a savoring taste in your mouth. 

Other than their chicken, they also offer a variety of combo meals namely ‘Big Mary Original’, ‘Spicy Big MARY’, ‘Buffalo Mary’, ‘Buffalo Chicken Wrap’, ‘ranch Chicken Wrap’, ‘Chicken Pop-Ins Original’, ‘Chicken Pop-Ins Thai’, ‘Chicken Pop-Ins Large Size’, ‘Chicken Tenders Original’ and ‘kids Chicken Pop-Ins’. 

The ‘combo’ meals come in all quantities with a side of Taters and drinks. They range from a full meal to light snacks. 

Mary Brown’s also has snack items ‘Pickle Chips’, ‘Crispy Chicken Twist Buffalo’, ‘Sidekick Sandwich Sweet Heat’ and ‘Sidekick Sandwich Original’, each of them coming at 3.69. Along with your main meal you can order an extra serving of the side items, like Taters, Fries, Tater Poutine, Coleslaw, Macaroni & Cheese Salad, and a delicious ‘Gravy’ for Taters. 

If you have a sweet tooth, Mary Brown’s has got something up their sleeves to satisfy your dessert cravings too.  Some of their popular dessert items are ‘Apple Pie’, ‘Two Bite Brownies’, ‘Cherry Cheesecake Cup’ and ‘Cadbury Caramilk Cup’. 


 Mary Brown’s is an informal restaurant, ideal for a casual dine out or for grabbing lunch in between work. It is family-friendly and is also a perfect destination for hangouts with friends. 

History and Background

As the name suggests, the franchise is built on Mary Brown’s recipe of Southern Chicken. Pat Tarrant and Cyril Fleming, founders of the brand, bought her recipe and opened up their first franchise in Newfoundland in 1969. This branch was named ‘Golden Skillet’ and in 1970, it was renamed ‘Mary Brown’s Chicken &Tater’. 

Within a year or two, Mary Brown’s quickly gained a dedicated customer base that helped them to grow their business across Canada. By 1972, they opened up in Oshawa and Mississauga, Ontario.  Armed with the success of these restaurants, they eventually started spreading from coast to coast in Canada. They also have branches in British Columbia and the Northern Territories. They have plans on the horizon to spread their business across the province.  

There are nearly 160 franchises of Mary Brown’s Chicken & Tater in Canada. 

Mary Brown’s has been serving mouth watering fried chicken and a variety of unique dishes for decades. It is pocket-friendly and always has some fresh deals to make their customers happy. 

So, if you are looking for a quick meal or craving some fried chicken for your meal, just hop in at your nearest Mary Brown’s or order through the Eco Eats app.

Looking for a quick meal? Download the Eco Eats app and find Mary Brown’s near you.

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