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Fast Food is one of the guilty pleasures that we simply cannot say no to. At the end of a busy workday or on a leisurely weekend, it is alright to treat yourself to a delicious meal at your favorite fast restaurant. Some would argue that the promise of fast food will get you through a week of healthy eating. 

If you are craving a taste of mouth-watering fast food but cannot decide which restaurant you should pick this time, allow us to make your decision a bit easier. We have picked out all the great fast food restaurants near you.  So do not hesitate to indulge your inner foodie into our top picks. 

Fast Food near You

 Tim Horton’s

They are one of the largest fast-food chains in Canada. Initially started by a Canadian hockey player, Tim Horton and Jim Charade, Tim Horton’s has now become one of the largest growing fast-food restaurants. They serve coffee, doughnuts along with a variety of mouthwatering snacks. Their specialty ‘Timbits’ doughnuts are an item you must try out next time you order at Tim Horton’s. Other than that you can also satisfy your cravings with their Mac and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Pulled Pork Sandwich. If you have a sweet tooth, Tim Horton’s has got you covered with their Cookies, Muffins, Pretzel Bagels, Chocolate Cheesecake Donut, and many other delicious dessert items. 


 Subway has a dedicated base of customers whose ‘sub- cravings’ can only be fulfilled by Subway’s customized wraps. No matter what your taste is or what you are craving, Subway will have the perfect sandwich for you. One of their most popular food items is the Chicken Teriyaki sub. Other than that, you can always have a sub wrap made out of all your favorite flavors and fillings at Subway. 


You simply cannot go wrong with KFC. Their special ’11 herbs and spices’ mixed Chicken recipe has been satisfying all the cravings of the foodies for decades. Whether you want a full meal with a sandwich or a burger and fried chicken or just a light snack of delicious chicken strips, popcorns, KFC has got you all covered. Within a very affordable price range, you can have an excellent meal that will leave a savoring taste in your mouth for days to come. 


They are the second-largest fast-food restaurant chain and the fourth largest Burger chain in Canada. If you are a Burger lover, then Harvey’s has got everything that you need. Harvey’s was one of the first restaurants to allow their customers to choose their burger toppings. They also serve delicious fringes (a mix of French fries and potato rings) with their breakfast items. Their food items are affordable and will leave your fast food craving satisfied.  

Mary Brown’s

Mary Brown’s is a casual dining restaurant. It is another favorite among the foodies. They serve a variety of chicken items for a very affordable price. Their items come in various sizes according to your need. You may order a kid-size meal, a full meal, or small snacks at Mary Brown’s at any time of the day, all at a very affordable price range. Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters are something one simply cannot have enough of.  

If you are craving some delicious fast food, do not deny yourself such simple pleasures of life. Go to your favorite fast-food restaurants and treat yourself to a delicious and savory meal. 

Happy Eating, foodies!

Looking for fast food restaurants near you? Download the Eco Eats app and scroll through all your favourite restaurants near you. 

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