Canadian Food

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If you are someone who likes to experiment and explore different cuisines, then it might be a good idea for you to experience the vast expanse of Canadian Cuisine. 

Canadian food, as we know it, has roots in Indigenous, Scottish, French, and British Cuisine. It is a hopscotch of all these exquisite cuisines with its very own Canadian touch to it. 

Some of the most common Canadian dishes are Poutine, Smoked meat, Tourtuere, Calgary Beef, Fiddleheads, Peameal bacon, and salmon. Other than that, an English breakfast of bacon and eggs or a French Breakfast of toasts and fries are extremely common among Canadians. 

Canadian cuisine has evolved with time and has become a conglomeration of various cultural cuisines. Keeping up with the times, it has also adopted various trendy food habits and has popularized them among the Canadian natives. 

Some of Canada’s most famous foods

Maple Syrup is a signature part of Canadian Cuisine. The country enjoys all its dishes with the extra helping of Maple Syrup. Canada is also blessed with rivers and green meadows which produce an ample amount of fish and meat for consumption. 


This is Canada’s most popular and commonly eaten dish. Originating in Quebec, it consists of French fries covered in Fresh cheese curds which would melt with heat and a brown gravy sauce. 


Originating in Quebec during the period of French Colonization, initially, it was served on special occasions or celebrations but now it has become a part of everyday food habits. It is a meat pie that is stuffed into bread dough. 

Smoked meat

Commonly known as ‘boeuf fume’, it is a special kind of smoked meat which is served as a filling for sandwiches. It is then seasoned and flavored with pickles and various sauces. This is a very common street food item that is sold in stalls and cafes alike. 


These are fern leaves that are rolled and cooked uniquely. They taste like asparagus. Fiddleheads are mostly served as a starter throughout the country. 

Peameal bacon

This dish originated in Toronto and was popularized throughout the country by William Davies Company. It is prepared by rolling bacon in cornflour and cooking it to give it a crispy exterior. 

Traditional Canadian Cuisine  

The food habits and cuisine of the Indigenous people of Canada can be considered traditional Canadian cuisine. Especially the food habits of Metis people were largely adopted by the people of Canada. Some of the dishes like bannock, moose, deer, bison, pemmican, maple taffy, and special Metis stew of barley have their roots in traditional Canadian culture. 

How Canadian Cuisine Evolved

Canada was first colonized in the sixteenth century, first by Britain and then by France. During that time, Canadian cuisine mixed and adopted British and French cuisine and since then it became a mixture of all the above. 

Former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark went on to define Canadian cuisine as a collection of dishes from all other national cuisines of the world. Immigrants have also largely impacted Canadian cuisine with their own cultural and traditional cuisine. In the late nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, immigration from different parts of the world, namely, Eastern and Southern Europe, South Asian continents, East Asia, and the Caribbean regions, made it inevitable for Canadian cuisine to grow and go through a culinary amalgamation.  

Cultural exchange of the immigrants with Native Canada has led to the homogenization of different traditions into what one would exclusively identify as ‘Canadian Cuisine’ from a global viewpoint.   


Craving Canadian food? Scroll through Canadian cuisine in the Eco Eats app and order your favorite now. 

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