Food Facts

There is over 216 trillion missed meals globally. In Canada it’s $31 Billion annually. We catch everything and you can never be too cool for food and you can eat with us. 

How it works

Who its for

It’s for everyday people and non-profits to find food they love.

We’ve designed our app for lunch, grocer shoppers and charities so everyone eats.

whats in the app

See What's Inside

Grab and go with your best finds with us. Person or non-profit we got you covered!

Foodie and environment conscious combined

Be the change.

Eat with us and be the change. See how your eating habits with us impact your community positively and make a change for this our food ecosystem. Two words Just Eat

Do Good Things

Eat and make a change with Eco Eats one meal at a time.

Tree Care

Each meal plants a tree to help our environment and make our deliveries carbon neutral.

Contactless Delivery

We stay safe and delivery with no contact and with masks.

Based on Peace

We're all about giving and making customers are happy.

Donate to Charities

We donate to charities and soon the app will allow house hold items to be donated to charites.

Support Local

Support local restaurants and help them during times of change.

Enviro ConScious Community

Love what you eat and make a change.

Experience our app where you find what we love and we make a positive impact as we we change our food system

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