What to eat for Dinner

Not sure what you should order for dinner? Here are some ideas for you. Scroll through the Eco Eats app and order your favorite today.

After a stressful workday, we sometimes tend to dismiss the importance of a full dinner, and instead, we fill our stomachs with lighter substitutes. Dinner is the last meal you would eat before bed. Hence, you need to make sure that you take all your nutrients properly. So, you must pay attention to what you eat for dinner. 

Cooking for dinner is not always possible. It is okay to skip all the hassles of cooking and order your favorite for dinner from time to time. Whether it is a highly anticipated dinner date or a cozy night at home, the food must be perfect to match your mood.

So if you are wondering what to order for dinner, we have got some suggestions for your every mood. 


If you want something traditional, classy, and unique but not so different that you are not sure if you and your guest would like it, go for Uramaki. It is one of 5 traditional Sushi rolls. It’s wrapped inside out, unlike a sushi roll. In Uramaki, the seaweed is put inside and wrapped with rice. That is why it is also called the ‘rebel roll’. 

Uramaki is quite delicious and can make for a very fulfilling meal. If you haven’t tasted it before, go ahead and try it now.  


If you want to eat healthy, nutritious, and delicious, you might go for this. It is mainly popularized by the Indigenous cuisine of North America. It has high protein content and is dense with high energy intake. The food also can be stored. Historically, it was given to travelers on their voyages. It is usually dried meat crushed and mixed with hot, rendered beef tallow. The meat is usually beef but in the olden times bison, deer, or elk meat was also used.  

Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal smoked meat is essentially a type of smoked meat popular in the Quebec region. It is a kosher-style dish that can be enjoyed as a full meal. It is prepared from beef brisket, seasoned with spices, and salt. The meat is brined and smoked first. It should be available in your local deli.  So go ahead and order it today. 

Smoked salmon

It is a typical salmon preparation. The fish is cured and smoked before it is seasoned with spices. It is traditional, classy, and slightly on the side of extravaganza. If you need to impress dinner guests with a no-risk dinner, this is your go-to. It’s delicious and is fulfilling.  Its texture and flavor are bound to water your mouth and make you crave its delicacy often. Pair it with red wine and your good to go.

Pancakes with maple syrup

If you are having a ‘breakfast for dinner kind of a night in, then do not hesitate to order what your heart wants. You simply cannot go wrong with pancakes. Sprinkle over an ample amount of maple syrup and eat it up. 

These are different kinds of dinner ideas that you can use and order according to your needs. Do not compromise with your dinner cravings and eat your heart out. Enjoy your night!

Not sure what you should order for dinner? Here are some ideas for you. Scroll through the Eco Eats app and order your favorite today.

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