Best Shoulder Exercise Tips

Looking for exercising tips to build and strengthen your shoulders? Here are some exercise tips that you can try out. 

Exercising has many benefits. If you are finding some time out of your busy schedule and investing it in working out, you are already doing a great deal to take care of your body. However, most exercises serve a specific purpose. If you are trying to build strength into your shoulders or build muscles around them, you need to spend more time on certain exercises than others. 

Whether you are hitting the gym regularly or working out in your home, here are some simple and easy exercises that you can try out to build your shoulders just the way you want. 

Dumbbell overhead press– For this exercise, you would need a pair of dumbbells. You should start with lighter weights at first. In a standing position or seated straight with back support, you have to raise the dumbbells over your head and bring them down to your shoulder levels. You need to make sure that your back does not arch or your body doesn’t bend down. 

 Do not overexert yourself with heavier weights. You will eventually be able to take on more weight. 

Half kneeling landing press– For this particular exercise, you need to position yourself in a half kneel. With your body straightened out and knees under your hips, you need to lift the barbell over your head at a 45-degree angle. This exercise gives you excellent shoulder mobility. It also builds your strength and helps you gain control of your back muscles.  

Barbell shrug– You need to stand straight and hold a barbell parallel to your knees. Then, as the name suggests, you need to shrug your shoulders up and down with the weight of the barbell. This moves your shoulder joint and works your muscles at the same time.

Kettlebell Press– You need a kettlebell of your preferred weight for this exercise. You need to hold it with both your hands and swing it up to your shoulder level. Then you need to lower it to the level of your knees while you squat down as much as you can. Repeat this as many times as you can in one go. Kettlebell exercise does not only work your shoulder muscles, it also strengthens your entire body. 

Alternative Dumbbell front raises- You need to stand straight with a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Raise your left hand to the level of your shoulders with your palm facing down and your arm at a right angle to your body. Make sure to have a slight bend in your elbows. Then lower your hand to its original position and raise your other hand to the same form and position. Repeat this with your alternative arms. 

Lateral raise – You need to stand straight with dumbbells in your hands. Slowly raise your hands laterally up to your shoulder level. Make sure that both your arms are at 180 degrees with your shoulders. Then slowly lower both your arms to your sides. Then repeat this in sets of ten for four or five times. 

Battle Ropes– Battle ropes are great for the mobility of your shoulders. You need to stand slightly crouched towards the front. Bend your knees and move your legs apart so that each of them is under your shoulder. Then, you need to hold the ends of two battle ropes in your hands and slam them as hard as you can. Your slamming should be hard enough to cause a ripple to the other end of the rope. You can slam the ropes alternatively with one arm up and one down or you can slam both the ropes at the same time, with a similar movement in both arms. This is great for building strength and mobility in your shoulder muscles. 

These are some of the exercises you can try out. You may also consult your gym instructor if you feel unsure about any of these exercises. If you are trying to heal from any kind of shoulder injury, then you should make sure that you have consulted someone before you start lifting weights. 

Looking for exercising tips to build and strengthen your shoulders? Here are some exercise tips that you can try out. 

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