Top 5 benefits of a Zera Food Recycler 2020

Wondering whether you should get a Zera Recycler or not? Here is all you need to know about its benefits.

The Earth belongs to all of us and it is up to each of us to do our bits to make sure that we generate as little waste as possible. The onus of reducing waste certainly falls on the big corporations as they are proven to be the root cause of Global warming. However, we too need to take responsibility for our lifestyle and do as much as we can to lead a sustainable life.  Among all kinds of waste that are generated daily by us, food wastes take a significant place. 

Zera Food Recycler provides an excellent solution to our food wastes related problems. Here are all the benefits that one get from using Zera Food Recycler:

  • Reduces Food waste – Zera Food Recycler reduces your food waste by almost two-thirds of its volume. Food wastes take up a considerable amount of space in landfills, almost 20% of its total capacity according to surveys conducted in recent years. Food waste emissions account for 87% of Global warming. It is imperative that we minimize food wastage to a minimum and Zera Food Waste Recycler helps you do that with ease. 
  • Instant composting – Zera Food Recycler uses advanced technologies to convert food wastes to compost almost instantly. Zera can handle all food wastes except bones and pits. The machine needs to be plugged into an outlet and it will do its work without you having to put in any effort into it. Regular composting your food waste can help you reduce your household food waste up to two-third of its original volume.   It also will save you the extra work of producing compost and fertilizers for your garden.
  • Carbon Filter- Zera food recycler comes with carbon filters. It is designed to continuously filter the air. Food wastes tend to produce harmful greenhouse gases like methane. Activated carbon absorbs these harmful gases and keeps your environment clean. This way you can make sure that you do your bit to fight global warming and climate change. 
  • Zera Additives- The Zera Food Recycler comes with its additives. These additives help in breaking down your food waste. These additives are made from plant-based resources and baking soda. They help convert your food waste into composts or fertilizers effectively. 
  • Mobile app controlled- Zera Food Recycler can be operated remotely with the help of their mobile app. You can start and pause the device from a remote location. The app also provides a minute-to-minute update on the recycling process. It also notifies you when the recycling is over and the filter needs to be changed. The app comes with several interesting and informative features about the product. 


If you are someone who can afford to make small changes in your lifestyle for the betterment of the environment, investing in a Zera Food Recycler would be a step in the right direction for you. It makes your kitchen and home greener and environment friendly. Come, let us help the Earth heal from the damages of the past and make it a safer home for our future generations. 

Wondering whether you should get a Zera Recycler or not? Here is all you need to know about its benefits.

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