Presentation at Terminal City Club!

We are proud to be doing another presentation at Terminal City Club this month!
On behalf of the a well established Discussion Group with business members,  we get to meet, have fun and offer a presentation to help spread the want to learn more about Eco Eats and how we can make an impact together. 
Here is some of our Presentation Tips!
1) Be comfortable. 
2) Be you and discover the Group Flow. 
3) Share something they do not know and be honest when your discovering something new. 
4) Make it practical, simple and helpful. 5) Leave a good feeling and opportunity to re-connect in the future. 
6) Keep in mind everyone is trying to do something. And you may be able to help them.
7) Share a vision and show the steps. 
That is our quick tips and we hope you enjoyed them! 

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