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McDonald’s is an American fast-food chain that approximately serves 69 million customers daily. It is perhaps the most popular American food franchise. They serve a wide variety of breakfast items, chicken-based dishes, hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, smoothies, sandwiches, and many other snack items. 

In the recent, the franchise has developed its menu and added more salads, smoothies, and fresh fruits to cater to the more health-conscious customers. Ranging from mouth-wateringly delicious quick meals to healthy and fulfilling meals, McDonald’s has got everything under its umbrella. 

McDonald’s started as an American restaurant in 1940. The restaurant was initially operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California. It was initially a hamburger place which very quickly attracted a dedicated customer base. Slowly, they started branching out and developed into a restaurant franchise that stuck to the name ‘McDonald’s’ corporation.  

The iconic logo, double Golden arches which loosely resembles an ‘m’ was first introduced in 1953 in their Phoenix, Arizona branch. Later, in the year 1955, Ray Kroc, who had initially joined the company as a franchise manager, purchased the company from the McDonald brothers. 

McDonald’s has turned into a global franchise. As of 2018, there were almost 37,855 branches in around 100 countries across the globe. One can easily say that McDonald’s has become synonymous with delicious and affordable food. 

A sneak peek into their menu

McDonald’s provides a variety of light to mildly heavy snacks with soft drinks. They are mostly known for their burgers, fries, chicken items, and wraps. They also serve Breakfast burrito, Muffins with butter, hash Browns, Hotcakes with syrup, Chicken nuggets, Chicken & Bacon filled wraps, and their ‘World Famous Fries’. 

McDonald’s also have on their menu Poutines, creamy donuts with several tasty toppings like strawberry jelly, maple caramel, cinnamon and cream, Boston cream, etc., to give delight to your sweet tooth. Some of their other dessert items include  Muffins in Carrot, Cranberry Orange, Blueberry, Banana Chocolate, and many others. They have cookies, ice creams, thick milkshakes in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla flavors. The list of their desserts does not end here, they also have Hot chocolate with 2% milk and skim milk, baked apple pies, and smoothies. 

If you are someone who cannot function without caffeine then worry not, they have Roasted Brew Coffee, Cappuccinos, Chocolate Hazelnut Iced Coffee, Coffee Iced Frappe, Latte, Mocha, Espresso, and Americano.   

To pair your meal with a cold beverage, you can select their slushies or fruit-based drinks like Fruitopia Orange Groove, Fruitopia Strawberry. They also offer coco-cola and diet coke. 

They also have a selected range of ‘Happy meals’ which are very popular among children. It usually contains a small toy and enough food items to complete a full meal.

McDonald’s is very pocket-friendly and ensures that all their customers leave with a stomach full, a smile on their face, and their pocket not any lighter than it was before. 

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