Festival Gold Sponsor Nightingale Films!

Eco Eats is excited to be sponsored by Nightingale Films For the African Descent Music Festival highlighting Eco Eats Food Connections Campaign. They will be filming footage at the festival and creating a campaign video and an different interview video of local participating restaurants around connecting food in the community and how Eco Eats app helps them. They were founded in 2016 and won the Best Australian Short Documentary Award in 2017 at Melbourne’s Documentary Film Festival. It’s a no-brainer as they capture breathtaking adventures life has to deliver. The team hasn’t stopped there and operates in the heart of Vancouver, B.C. and Sydney Australia.
Their current focus is specializing in documentary films and video and photography for lifestyle. After their last film Breaking Ice success, they are launching their next major production. And with almost two decades of experience, their storytelling shines through the stories you want to share. With their talented eye they will be able to discovery and focus on great festival footage
Go ahead and reach out – Your next adventure awaits!

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