Eco Eats at the Music Festival!

Food Community Connections!
We had a great time with African Descent Society, Nightingale Films, community partners and visits from our friends sharing our new app coming out. It was a lot of fun as we got to meet multicultural business be a hand in hand partner for the event discuss how we help keep food in the community. We split volunteers from the park to the skytrain station to demo the app on Samsung tablets (special thanks Best Buy), and we handed out flyers (special thanks Minuteman Press Surrey and Over the Edge in Vancouver). In addition we had two amazing volunteers come out and lend a hand just for photographs! Our team was there on Saturday and Sunday. On the second day the event became more full as we noticed especially around one how packed the park was getting. Some artists flew in and are already along their way to the next performance. With special appreciation from the Vancouver Parks Board, Nightingale Films and African Descent Society we we’re able to make it possible and remind people how we can keep food in the community and how we can make sure #EveryoneEats! We’ll keep you in touch as we are looking forward to our campaign video, photo edits and catching up with our partners as we get ready for the fall!

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