Eco Eats and African Descent Music Festival is almost here!

Eco Eats and African Descent Society have teamed up at this years 4th Annual Music Festival!
This means you have two full days of live music, artisans, heritage performers, food vendors and fashion shows! This is African Descent Music Festival 4th annual music festival where they celebrate the history and culture of hogans alley. Where many multicultural businesses thrive there today.
This year offers a twist! You learn about Eco Eats and join the fun food campaign!
In this opportunity you get to learn about the food app, join lively neighbor conversations and have fun in a food campaign where everyone eats and charities have more food! You’ll have to tag along our tweets to check out our bright and fun that helps everyday people and charities to food! One of the festival’s Gold sponsor this year is Nightengale Films and they are making Eco Eats 2018 campaign video. When you need a recording check them out as they’re the perfect mix of talent and heart.
Join the Hype & Grab Your Ticket Here.

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