6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Looking for some idea to have fun at home on Halloween this year? Scroll through the Eco Eats app to find a few suggestions.

While for many Halloween is a reason to plan outings, hit up parties and attend parades and celebrations galore, others are just not into that kind of thing. Don’t you worry folks! Halloween can be just as fun from home. Here are a few suggestions to make your stay in Halloween spooky and memorable.

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

  • Get all dressed up, even if there’s nowhere to go.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get into some festive spirit. Dress up in your funniest, spookiest, or cutest costume. You can host a theme based, virtual Zoom costume contest with friends and family to show off your look or have a small photo-shoot at home and upload the pictures on social media.

  • Decorate the house.

Whether you’re going for a spooky haunted house look or more of an adorable pumpkin patch vibe, nothing will get you more in the Halloween spirit than decking up your house in all things black, orange, and yellow. Decide an aesthetic for Halloween and decorate your house accordingly. 

  • Carve pumpkins with family and friends.

Carving a pumpkin is a classic Halloween activity for a reason! Grab some pumpkins, paints, carving supplies and decorating kits for the whole family and spend some time decorating pumpkins with your kids and host an anonymous vote afterwards for the best pumpkin; winner gets a prize! Or maybe take fun photos of each family member with their pumpkin instead.

  • Have a scary movie marathon.

Cuddle up on the couch with snacks and blankets, and queue up some of your family’s favourite spooky —or not-so-spooky! — Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown are great to get you in the Halloween mood. You can also check if anywhere near you there is local listing hosting a drive-in Halloween movie event. If so, cosy up in the car and watch great Halloween movies back to back.

  • Create a Halloween scavenger hunt.

You can plan a Halloween scavenger hunt for your kids at home. Write out clues and place them all around the house, starting your kids off with the first clue that eventually leads up to a grand prize at the end. The prize could be candies, a new Halloween book, or anything else that your kids would enjoy.

  • Go “ghosting.”

Ghosting has become a popular tradition over the years, and it’s a great way share the festive joy with loved ones while maintaining a safe, social distance. Here’s how it works: You make a bag of Halloween-themed goodies and leave it on the doorstep of your near and dear ones with a note that encourages them to “ghost” someone else.

So now you know that Halloween can be fun and spooky even by staying at home. Try these suggestions for Halloween this year. And for more food, health and lifestyle related blogs stay tuned to Eco Eats. 

Happy Halloween!

Looking for some idea to have fun at home on Halloween this year? Scroll through the Eco Eats app to find a few suggestions.

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