Designing and decorating your own living room might seem like an overwhelming task. It is important to not get overwhelmed by all the different types of living room models you might have seen on magazine covers, television advertisements and room decor websites. In such a state of uncertainty, pinterest can come swiping in with a plethora of aesthetics, designs and home décor ideas for the perfect living room. 

In this era of technology, getting ideas for designing your living room is not the hard part of the job. The first step is to single out exactly what you want from all the different innovative ideas that might be revolving around your head. We spend a lot of time lounging in our living room, so your first priority should be to make it comfortable for you. It is not impossible to achieve comfort and style, both ta the same time when it comes to designing your living room. In your state of uncertainty and indecisiveness, we are here to help you pin down the three best ways in which you may design the living room of your dreams. 

Selecting and positioning your furniture

It is important not to crowd your living room with furniture. Sofa set, coffees table and maybe a luxurious chair are the essentials of your living room. Do not just shove them against a wall and bare space in the rest of your living room. Arrange them carefully so that it doesn’t create a bottleneck in any corner. It is also important to have conversation area and adequate space between the furniture. 

It might also be a good idea to give your attention to the natural lighting, and make the sitting area surrounding it. It gives you scope for reading or just basking in the sun in a winter afternoon.  You can have a lampshade or a vintage piece of furniture complimenting the look, giving it a cosy yet stylish look.

Colour Palette

Go bold with darker shades or go minimalist white or light pastels. Paint the opposite walls in contrasting shades. It is good to have a colour palette in your head and choose the colours from it. Then select the curtains, hang them high up in the wall and choose them in a colour that nicely compliments the shades of your walls.  

Accessorize it

Carefully select an artwork or two. It need not be expensive, and it always a good idea the local artists’ works. Don’t leave the walls bare, but don’t put all the artwork in one place either. Place a flower vase on the table with fresh flowers of your choice. You can also invest in sculptures and showpieces. If you are a reader, you may even dedicate a wall to the bookcase. 

These are some of the ways you can design your living room and make it come alive with that feeling homeliness, which should be valued above all else. Remember to have that crazy piece of sculptor, or the artwork that no one loves or the chair that looks almost an antique – if that is what you need to feel at home.

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