Starbucks Joins Spoonful Food Fair!


Rosa and the Starbucks team were absolutely amazing as they came out, collected healthy food not purchased and brought coffee and hot chocolate! Together the team joyfully handed out food to the community so everyone can have a yummy nibble of Starbucks.
From the beginning when we asked about the event, Starbucks has shown themselves as innovative thinkers refusing to ignore the problem and stood-up to stop food waste and hunger in our community. They played a special part as drink helpers to make sure we are fully satisfied in our heartwarming event where we looked out for our downtown neighbors. With smiles and the right mindset, we look forward to helping our partners create a place where everyone can eat with a great food program.
 Event Info:
Gold Sponsor: Shark Club 
Event Management: GIV Society 
Photo credits: Matt Law
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