Leftover Turkey Recipes after Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is incomplete without Turkey on the dinner table. We are thankful each year for several things but particularly for the delicious recipes that we get to try out with Turkey leftovers. Nearly every household will struggle to finish the Turkey that is put on the table. So enjoy your Thanksgiving with drinks and desserts, and explore your cooking skills for the next few days. 

Here are some of the easy and mouth wateringly delicious recipes that you can try out with your Thanksgiving leftovers at your leisure. Treat yourself to something new and unique. 

  • Noodle Soup with Turkey

You can prepare a noodle soup with your leftover Turkey. If you plan this, you can prepare a broth with the bone stalk. After the heavy meals of thanksgiving, enjoy a lightweight noodle soup with turkey strips seasoned and cooked in the nourishing noodle soup. This is a nourishing, dehydrating, and healthy meal but also not too bland for most people’s taste. You can even use Ramen for this recipe if you have them stocked up at home. 

  • Turkey Sandwich 

We are all guilty of taking the easy way out and trying out this recipe on a lazy morning is an ideal way of starting the weekend after Thanksgiving. Throw in some extra cheese and lettuce and make a sandwich with the leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving dinner.  Take two pieces of toasted brown bread and fill them up with mashed potatoes, leftover stuffing, and turkey. You can add some pepper to it if you would want your sandwich to be spicy and tangent.  It is an ideal snack afternoon spent at home or for breakfasts prepared in a hurry. 

  • Turkey Salad 

Prepare salad with your favorite fruits like avocado, kiwi, pancetta, tomatoes with a side of an omelet. Add leftover turkey strips, lettuce and serve it with your favorite toppings. This can be healthy and filling for lunch or dinner. It is easy to prepare and is an ideal lunch after the heavy and rich thanksgiving dinner. If you have salad ingredients at hand, you can just throw them in and prepare a full meal out of it without much effort or hassle. 

  • Turkey Samosa

Put your chef’s hat on and try out this simple Indian recipe with your Turkey leftovers. Take the potatoes stuffing and turkey leftovers and prepare the fillings for a samosa. Then fry them with your samosa coverings. You can use biscuit crumbs or bread crumbs for the outer layer of the samosa. Enjoy the samosas on a lazy afternoon either with a chutney or tomato sauce. Samosas also go very well with tea and gloomy weather. 

  • Turkey curry with rice

This is a light yet healthy meal. You can cook the turkey in low steam and prepare a masala curry. It can be enjoyed with rice or bread. It is ideal for dinner or lunch. You can season the turkey with your choice of spices. It is best enjoyed with boiled rice and a light salad on the side. It is a perfect meal to rejuvenate you from the hassle of thanksgiving dinner.  


These are some of the recipes where you can use your leftover turkeys. Explore your cooking skills with slow music and a glass of red wine in hand. 

Looking for Turkey recipes? Download the Eco Eats app and order your favorites today.

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