How the UK does Fruit Smoothie Bowls Better!

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The full recipe, image and food creation credits go to So Body in the UK in the one of a kind Orange Apple Smoothie bowl who show us how to do it better.
© Sobody Healthy Recipes Naturally Homemade for the Body Inside and Out.
Do enjoy the wonderful delight and this is how you make it! And because they explained it better. Here is there recipe verbatim!
Time: 5 mins
Makes: 500 ml
Ingredients: Half a large orange (approx. 75 grams)1 red apple, skin on, diced 1/3 Mango (approx. 75 grams) (Pineapple also works!)3 florets of cauliflower (ideally frozen)1 medium carrot, peeled and roughly chopped into chunks 1 chunk of cucumber (approx. 40 grams, peeled) (You can sub for courgette).1 large banana (frozen)1 tbsp. chia seeds or flax or hemp seeds1 tbsp. goji berries thumb sized piece of fresh root ginger 2 tbsp. protein powder (pea or soya bean).1 tbsp. lime juice 100 ml plant milk or green tea
*Frozen if possible. This will work too unfrozen, but the end result will be less creamy
Optional: 1 tbsp. baobab super fruit powder for an extra anti-oxidant and fiber citrus boost!
Topping ideas: quinoa crispies, granola, fresh blueberries, pomegranate seeds, sliced apple, kiwi, cacao-coated golden berries, apple peel rolled up t make a rose
Add all smoothie ingredients into a blender and whiz to combine. Pour into a bowl and decorate as desired.
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