Best Coffee Beans in the World

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We are all guilty of caffeine fueled starts to a busy morning and depending on it to get us through the day. Sometimes, we manage to get the rush we need from instant coffee or anything with caffeine content, but coffee lovers will always want better. When we have a deadline to meet or have to pull an all-nighter, we want nothing but the best beans grinding in our coffee makers. 

So we bring you the best coffee bean from around the world. These coffee beans are sure to satiate the inner caffeine addict in you. 

Peaberry, Tanzania– In the 16th century, Coffee beans were exported from Ethiopia to Tanzania. During the colonial period, Tribal communities were forced to produce coffee on a large scale. In the current times, Tanzania has been successful in making coffee one of its greatest and most beneficial exports. It is cultivated on the mountainous slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. 

Peaberry coffee beans are considered largely superior to flat beans. It has strong flavours and is best enjoyed at medium roast. It has a dark chocolate essence along with a hint of blue currant and a muted sweetness to it.  

Kona Coffee, Hawaii– Kona Beans are cultivated in the South District of Kona and various other parts of Hawaii. It blooms in the early parts of the year with beautiful white “Kona snow” flowers covering the trees. It is the most extravagant and expensive coffee bean in the world. Retailers often sell Kona blends where they mix Kona beans with foreign coffee beans to make it more accessible to the general public. 

Kona beans have a light and sweet flavour with hints of nuts and fruits mixed in its taste. In a light roast, the sweetness of the beans and fruity flavours become evident. As the roasting continues, the bitter and strong taste starts building.  

Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaica- Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. It is known for its rich aroma and dark, acidic taste. They are also very limited in production since they are grown in small, family run plantations in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. They are cultivated in high elevations in wet and cool climates. In order to make sure that the customers get nothing but the most authentic Blue Mountain Coffee experience, it is rarely blended with other coffee beans. These beans are always high in demand and their extraordinary taste makes the expensive price well worth the taste. 

Volcanica Coffee, Kenya-  Volcanica Coffee was started in the USA where the sellers wanted to introduce gourmet coffee beans in a market dominated by poorly roasted instant coffee. It was a small, family run business. They initially sold Costa Rican coffee beans and had great success in the American market. After the initial success, they started sourcing their coffee beans from volcanic regions of Costa Rica, Hawaii, Jamaica and many other regions. Their coffee is expensive but the price is well worth the heavenly taste of it. 

Mandheling, Sumatra-  Mandheling coffee of Sumatra is known for its earthy, syrup- like taste with a hint of dark chocolate and sweet flavour to it. Once lost to the lush forests at the heart of Sumatra, it was rediscovered and shared with the rest of the world. After the rediscovery, these coffee beans were cultivated in the Mandheling province of West Sumatra. Currently, it is one of the most sought after gourmet coffee in the world. 

These are some of the best gourmet coffee beans in the world. They might be high in their prices but they do not disappoint in their tastes. Let us know, which one of these you intend to try or have already tried and fallen in love with!

Looking for an energizing cup of coffee? Download the Eco Eats app and find the best coffee shops near you. 

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